Adam Burns Music
Composition and production house for television, advertising and film.

Adam Burns Music - about us

Adam Burns Music - who we are and what we do.


In 2001…

While none of Stanley Kubrick’s space predictions were coming true, classically trained musician and composer Adam Burns - inspired by an all consuming love of music and an abnormally huge record collection - set up a composition studio. He began by providing the soundtracks to late night stoner TV shows about UFOs, alien abductions and haunted kitchens and rapidly progressed to writing music for some of the world’s best loved brands and television programs. Having scored adverts for industry giants such as Guinness, Jaguar and many other major brands across the globe, ABM continue to bring a bespoke unique and original twist to everything we do. We work regularly with ad and creative branding agencies, tv production companies, major production music libraries, film and tv directors. At the same time having over 600 production music tracks circling the globe being used on everything from the Great British Bake Off to MTV cribs.  From Grand Designs to The Grand Tour. From Hollyoaks to Hollywood.  ABM’s legendary turnaround time and attention to detail have made us one of the leaders in our field. Having worked for some of the most exciting directors today including Kingsman’s Matthew Vaughn, ABM have created some truly memorable moments in advertising, tv and film.  With thousand of syncs across the globe ABM continue to plant their musical flag on the constantly evolving cultural landscape.