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Walking with Meerkats..

ABM provides the music for the latest Compare the Market campaign. Created in Silicon Valley by Steve Jobs’ Meerkat brother, Auto Sergei helps people find the perfect credit card.

Bring on the Summer..

ABM helps bring some delicious sunshine to Skechers latest US TV ad campaign.

ABM rocks Burger King’s Christmas TV campaign..

ABM brings some bombastic craziness to Burger King’s Christmas US TV campaign with a metal version of the famous Carol O’ the Bells.

Bootsy our best mate..

Our composition partner, legendary bass player and now famous actor Bootsy the studio dog has just landed a part in the latest Harrington’s commercial. Click on his big eejit face to see the ad..

The award winning Unreported World returns..

AMB soundtracks the new trailer for Channel 4’s hard hitting series Unreported World.

The black stuff..

ABM lands a Guinness ad as part of the Six Nations Rugby. A heroic tale of a day when the Irish beat the All Blacks thanks to the smallest guy on the pitch. No-one ever beats the All Blacks.


With or without Sugar..?

AMB provides the title track to Horizon’s fascinating study into pain management - The Placebo Effect.

Anti-stress television..

Channel 4 is still using ABM’s signature theme tune and incidental music for the fourth year running for their relentlessly charming documentary Great Canal Journeys, in which actors Timothy West and Prunella Scales traverse some of the most beautiful canals in Europe.

The legend of Jim Clark..

ABM adds some magic to The Grand Tour’s epic tribute to Formula 1 driver Jim Clark. With eight grand slam titles to his name he remains the greatest racing driver of all time.

Hit Netflix series Riverdale returns..

ABM soundtracks the new official Riverdale trailer for Netflix.

Ocean plastics..

ABM helps add a sense of scale to the BBC’s bleak and unflinching Blue Planet documentary Drowning in Plastic.

Jag one car.png

Jaguar shows off their pedigree..

ABM brings the epic to Jaguar’s F-type campaign. Directed by the legendary Matthew Vaughn of Kingsman and Kick Ass fame and starring David Beckham, Jaguar takes you back in time through their classic back catalogue from the effortlessly cool E-type through to the sleek and unique F-type.


Amazing inventions..

The Big Life Fix on BBC2 takes people with various disabilities and pairs them up with some of the sharpest engineers and inventors in the country to give them gadgets and machines that will transform their lives. ABM soundtracks much of this fascinating journey.

Marigold3 logo.png

The Real Marigold..

ABM brings some sparkle and irreverence to BBC2’s The Real Marigold Hotel.